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Shipbuilding Industry Associations

In order to promote shipbuilding as whole, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. encourages your company to consider membership in one of the associations listed below.


The Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC):


The Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC) represents approximately 400 businesses that supply components and services for U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. Established in 2004, ACIBC seeks to preserve the strength of the aircraft carrier force and promote the value of the Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base as a vital part of the nation’s overall defense structure. These businesses supply a wide range of components and services, from motors, pipes and insulation to electrical, engineering and maintenance services.


The Submarine Industrial Base Council (SIBC):


Established in 1992, the Submarine Industrial Base Council seeks to educate policymakers and the public about the nation’s ability to design, build, and maintain submarines.

The SIBC encourages its membership to engage in dialogue with decision and policy makers and can provide materials at the local, state and national level. On occasion, the SIBC issues media statements and provides background information for members of the national and local media.

SIBC membership is ongoing and open to the more than 4,000 U.S. companies that provide critical materials to the Virginia-class submarine program. Member businesses range from the smallest specialty shops to manufacturers of main propulsion equipment.

Sea Power Ambassador Logo

Sea Power Ambassador:


The Sea Power Ambassador program seeks to educate the American public and elected officials to government positions based on the need to rebuild the fleet of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to meet America’s security requirements in the 21st Century

Rebuilding America’s Navy and other sea services will only be achieved through an active, organized, grass roots education campaign led by Sea Power Ambassadors from the ranks of the shipbuilding industry, labor unions, and concerned citizens from across the country. The President, presidential candidates, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representatives need to hear from multiple constituents through multiple means of communication that rebuilding America’s Sea Power should be a national priority.

Navy League of the United States Logo

Navy League of the United States:


The Navy League of the United States was founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy League of the United States has provided a powerful voice for a stronger sea service to Congress and to the American People. The Navy League has grown to become the foremost citizens’ organization to serve, support, and stand with all the U.S. sea services — the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine.

Navy League Patch

Since the Navy League’s founding, it has grown to become a worldwide organization with more than 50,000 members in 240 councils. Council membership includes more than 240 corporate and community affiliate members.

Today, the Navy League’s original mission is focused on two main initiatives. First, the Navy League’s public education efforts are designed to inform the nation, and its political leaders, of the vital importance to the country of comprehensive and fully-prepared sea services. Second, the Navy League, primarily through its councils, provides support for active duty sea services personnel and their families. In keeping with its educational objective, the Navy League also supports America’s young people through successful youth programs, including sponsorship of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the Navy League Foundation Scholarship Program.