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Newport News Shipbuilding offers online
and onsite supplier training. NNS also utilizes webinars and
conferences on targeted subjects.

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Overview of Online Supplier Training

Online Supplier Training is free to our
existing Suppliers.

NNS offers over forty Online Supplier Training modules.
These modules are an ideal starting place for new suppliers and existing suppliers
to learn about, or refresh their knowledge on, how to do business with NNS. They
also contain foundational information on the NNS procurement process and other
technical requirements.

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instructions within two business days.

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Listing of Online Training Content

Overview of Onsite Supplier Training

NNS also offers onsite supplier training based on the NNS
or supplier identified needs. Training is customized to the supplier and typically
covers one or a combination of the online training modules. For more information
on available onsite supplier training options, please contact
[email protected]

If you have any feedback, questions, or any
suggested topics for supplier training, please send them to:

[email protected]