NNS Suppliers

An Engineering Liaison Group
Dedicated to Helping
NNS Suppliers

The SEA is a dedicated team that coordinates with suppliers and NNS departments to resolve upstream material engineering issues to positively impact the Material Value Stream. Members of the SEA team are full-time professionals from various technical backgrounds that address a wide variety of material engineering challenges.

Contact SEA: [email protected]

Our Vision

to serve as technical liaisons to NNS suppliers by simplifying requirements and streamlining processes.

How does the SEA help you?

Resolving upstream barriers is beneficial in reducing cost and material delay resulting from unnecessary work. SEA will:

  • Gather material engineering issues identified externally (suppliers) and internally (NNS).
  • Evaluate and conduct root cause analysis to determine if the issue in question is driven by contract requirements or other valid business reason.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to provide resolution – ensuring the issue does not happen again.

What are some examples of the SEA‘s work?

Examples of the SEA’s work include:

  • Revise coded notes to resolvesystemic deficiencies
  • Update ordering data to reflect the latest approved drawing revision with corrected information
  • Assist suppliers with SPARS and Exostar
  • Inform suppliers of resources NNS hasdeveloped to help improve software quality
  • Follow up on submitted software status
  • Compile a periodic newsletter for suppliers

What else does the SEA do?

In addition to the liaison work with suppliers and NNS departments, the SEA group works “behind the scenes” to improve NNS ordering data, including the following:

  • Review VIRs to identify common causes and resolve the issues
  • Develop resources for supplier to use to improve first time quality of submittals
  • Work with other NNS departments to devise process improvements that affect suppliers positively

No matter the material you provide to NNS, the SEA group can help to ensure smooth delivery.

What suppliers are saying…

“Really appreciate all your help on these VIR submittals.”

-NNS casting supplier

“Thanks so much for your help! The submitted procedure on the subject contract is now approved.”

-NNS valve supplier