NNS Suppliers

Supplier Development Funding

What is Supplier Development Funding (SDF)?

SDF is an initiative funded by the US Navy to strengthen the shipbuilding industrial supply base by providing resources for Suppliers to update equipment, technology and facilities to support performance of shipbuilding contracts.  SDF may also be allocated to a Supplier to fund training, qualifications or other activities that increase or enhance a Supplier’s ability to support work on NNS programs.


Supplier Identification Process

NNS evaluates SDF opportunities through various processes, stakeholders and assessments.

  • NNS Buyers and Project Manager input
  • Integrated Enterprise Program – IEP: Suppliers are scored as green, yellow or red
  • Supplier Technical Assessment & Validity – STAV
  • In-Depth Supplier Assessment – ISA
  • Recommendation from the Navy Customer, SIB, EB, Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc. (BPMI), and other nuclear shipbuilding industrial base stakeholders
  • Recommendations or identification through NNS Supplier Quality
  • Solicitation of Suppliers; Submittal of SDF Short Form


Supplier SDF Proposals

The Strategic Programs and Supplier Development Group (SDG) is dedicated to developing a healthy supply base to support NNS planned and emergent shipbuilding needs in support of our Navy customer.

At the request of NNS, and in collaboration with the SDG, suppliers may be asked to provide a Business Case Proposal that clearly defines the project scope, period of performance and cost savings to shipbuilding programs.


Supplier Engagement

Upon receipt of the Supplier’s Business Case Proposal, the SDG will coordinate correspondence and onsite visits with the Supplier and NNS stakeholders to discuss the SDF Project(s).

The goal of Supplier engagement is to ensure the Supplier understands the NNS SDF Process and its requirements, as well as NNS understands the Supplier’s proposal.  NNS will tour the specific facility in its current state or condition, discuss and understand the SDF Project, validate the request and substantiate the expected Return on Investment.

For questions or upon completion of the SDF Short Form, please email your copy to [email protected].