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Technical References & Guides

USS Bush and USS New Mexico

Information and links on the Supplier Technical Document page are provided to help our suppliers navigate the sometimes complex and challenging technical requirements associated with supplying material and components to Newport News Shipbuilding. Suppliers will find references, guides, contact, and submittal information below.


Please click on this link to contact NNS Supplier Quality.

By clicking on the Technical References and Guides links below, you will find:

  • Checklists to assist in submitting documents of the highest quality
  • Access to tools for developing procedures
  • Approved material specifications for use
  • Approved suppliers for certain controlled materials
  • Permanent material marking codes
  • Casting foundries with in-house machining capability


Technical References & Guides



Purchase Order

Shock testing




Acceptable Submittal Methods


  1. SPARS (Shipbuilding Partners & Suppliers)
  2. Mail or package courier to:
    1. Newport News Shipbuilding
      4101 Washington Ave.
      Newport News, VA 23607
      Attn: E45 Software Coordinator
      Bldg. 902-2