NNS Suppliers

Integrated Enterprise Plan (IEP)

IEP is an initiative funded by the U.S. Navy to strengthen the shipbuilding industrial supply base by providing oversight from shipbuilders to analyze and reduce risk, increase affordability, and reduce schedule constraints as an enterprise.  The NNS team works closely with Electric Boat (EB) on all IEP efforts.


Supplier Readiness

suppliers identified as critical to CLB, VCS and CVN (new construction) are assessed annually to evaluate their capacity, capability and readiness to meet current and future Shipbuilding demand.

What is a Critical Supplier?

The list of suppliers is refreshed annually and criteria may include, but limited to:

  • SQA Critical Supplier
  • Critical Complex Components
  • High Annual Spend / Volume
  • Single / Sole Source
  • Key / Construction Critical Path Materials
  • Sequence Critical Material
  • Level 1 Material
  • SUBSAFE Material
  • Long Lead Time Material
  • Nuclear Material
  • Strategic Scouring Concern
  • Cross-Dependency (Sub-tier)

IEP Supplier Readiness Assessments

Suppliers are given an opportunity to self-assess.

  • Suppliers are evaluated and scored as green, yellow or red in each of the following business categories:
    • Business Stability
    • Existing / Future Human Resource
    • Supply Chain
    • Production / Facility / Capability
    • Schedule
    • Supplier Quality Score (EB/NNS)
  • NNS and EB work collaboratively to assess shared suppliers.
  • The Shipbuilders assess non-shared suppliers independently.


Green – Supplier is prepared for current and future demand.

Yellow – Supplier is meeting current demand and has prepared plans for future demand.

Red – Supplier is challenged to meet current demand.

Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M) Development

POA&Ms address specific supplier risks with mitigation steps for all areas of opportunity identified during the Supplier’s Readiness Assessment.

  • All suppliers assessed as red or yellow receive a POA&M.
  • POA&Ms are developed by the Readiness Scoring Team an the identified risks are mitigated by the Supplier Development team, Buyer, and Project Manager.

Readiness Assessment & POA&M Results

The results of each Readiness Assessment period as well as POA&M status is reported to the Government at the end of each annual Wave.