NNS Suppliers

Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding (HII-NNS) uses Exostar as its electronic procurement system.  Only United States citizens are allowed to receive purchasing documents via Exostar from HII-NNS. Over 90% of higher volume HII-NNS suppliers conduct business electronically via Exostar. If your company has interest in using Exostar with NNS, please send an email to [email protected] with your company’s POC information along with your NNS Supplier Number.

The system allows for quick routing of:

    • Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Order Modifications
    • Request for Quotes
    • Supplier Scorecards
    • PORA’s (Purchase Order Refresh Action)
    • CVN78 Class Terms & Conditions (Appendices)
    • File Drop – transmission of large data files (drawings, specs, etc)
    • Transmission of NOFORN, NNPI, or Classified information is prohibited

In the defense industry, a cyber Advanced Persistent Threat is an increasing concern. To enhance the security of our data, users must obtain a USB security token (as seen above) with electronic security certificates (similar to CAC Card technology) for secure access to Exostar.  EACH user of the system will need to obtain a separate token.  The tokens allow the system to be highly secure and are compatible with any other companies that require the Exostar security authentication.

  • HII-NNS is leading the defense industry in the E-Business security market with the requirement of this technology.
  • Over 100,000 times a day, the NNS computer systems are attempted to be compromised.  We must protect the data for the Navy, NNS, and you.  The certification/token is an added layer of protection that is becoming the standard for the defense industry.
  • A cost is associated with the access (avg. $300/person).  This cost includes the cost of the token, access for 1 or 3 year usage option selected, and an Exostar trained notary to visit your location to certify your identification. Necessary identification documents to bring to appointment are illustrated in Required Identity Proofing Documents.
  • The token cannot be shared between employees.

Doing business with HII-NNS electronically is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended.  Suppliers who do not wish to use Exostar, will still be able to conduct business with HII-NNS via fax and/or mail. Not using Exostar creates a delay in transmission of the documents.  Remember, since most HII-NNS items cannot be emailed for security reasons, they must be sent through the mail or faxed.

Helpful Exostar Information and Training

Documents and Information

HII-NNS Exostar Training Guides

General Access Instructions

NNS Exostar Overview

Certificate Renewal Instructions

SafeNet Software Download

Required Identity Proofing Documents

Supply Chain Platform Training *UPDATED*

  • Purchase Orders
  • Requests for Quotes
  • Change
  • Blanket Orders

Supply Chain Platform Training *What’s New*

  • Illustrates NEW functionality of system

Setting up Email Subscription Alert

Administrator Account Management Guide

  • How to request new users in company
  • How to manage accounts


For Exostar specific questions, please contact the Exostar Help Desk Hotline
Phone: 703-793-7800
Email: [email protected]

If you have questions concerning HII-NNS, please email them to: [email protected]

Exostar Process Map