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Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Development

The Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Development Department is dedicated to developing a healthy supply base to support Newport News Shipbuilding planned and emergent shipbuilding needs in support of our customer, the US Navy. We do this by utilizing continuous improvement tools with the supply base to improve quality, increase capacity, and encourage lean manufacturing and front office processes, compress lead times, and lower acquisition costs.

Strategic Sourcing is responsible for managing market intelligence and research activities as well as developing forecasting tools to identify the most pressing supply base concerns and risks. We also identify potential financial, capability, and capacity constraints within the supply base. Finally, we watch for critical industry and economic trends that could impact the supply base as well as NNS.


Provide sourcing solutions, marketplace intelligence and supplier development through critical strategic analysis, an agile approach and visionary leadership.

Our Objectives:

  • Building bridges and relationships
  • Finding innovative solutions
  • Improving quality, cost, schedule, delivery, safety
  • Satisfying our customers
  • Protecting material availability in the future

Our tool sets and experienced subject matter experts assist the supplier by administering the following programs:

Existing Suppliers

If your company has previously conducted business with us and is looking to reestablish your relationship with our buying offices, discuss your company’s new products or services, introduce your company’s new representative or discuss upcoming NNS opportunities to bid, please complete this

Return the completed form with your supplier number AND any marketing material, line card, capabilities sheet, etc. to [email protected].

Depending on the nature of your business, you may receive an additional form to complete to list your facility information, machinery and welding qualifications and capabilities and quality management certifications.