NNS Suppliers

E-Tools and Supplier Programs

NNS has a variety of programs in place to better interface with suppliers. If you are interested in any of the following, please speak to your respective supply chain analyst.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the preferred payment method. Payments are sent to a bank account provided by the supplier. It takes approximately 48 hours to arrive in the account. There are other payment methods like Wire Transfer and Check still available that will be transitioning to Shipbuilding’s preferred payment method of EFT.

Electronic Invoicing (ERS)

ERS or Evaluated Receipt Settlement is the process in which the payments are generated from the good receipts entered in our system by receiving. That means the payment is based on what HII receives. The payments are generated by a settlement run by HII. Suppliers do not need to send any kind of invoice.

Shipbuilding Partners and Suppliers (SPARS)

SPARS is a secure two-way electronic submittal portal for PO qualification software. PO qualification software includes drawings, procedures, test reports, Vendor Information Requests (VIRs), Vendor Quotes (VQ), and Vendor Procedure Approval Requests (VPARs). The advantage of an electronic submittal, instead of mailing, is that suppliers receive a confirmation, tracking number, and timely status updates that are easily accessible. Submittals are directly tied to deliverable requirements (PPN/coded notes) with tracking and status information provided automatically. SPARS may not be used to send NOFORN, Classified, or NNPI information.

Click here for a user guide to on SPARS and how to resolve common issues when submitting through SPARS.


HII-NNS utilizes the Exostar tool for electronic purchasing document distribution. Suppliers use a two factor authentication security method in order to download and respond to the purchasing documents within the Exostar system, which provides timely information transmittal. Suppliers may also receive drawings and other supplemental information through the secure Exostar Filedrop module. Exostar is not certified for NOFORN, NNPI, or Classified information transmittal.

Exostar FileDrop

FileDrop gives users the ability to send and receive files between selected Huntington Ingalls employees and suppliers in a secure environment regardless of file size. This is an effective tool for suppliers to use when they have a document to send that is not normally transmitted via email. FileDrop may not be used to send NOFORN, Classified, or NNPI information.