NNS Suppliers

Accounts Payable

Please note all invoices should be submitted via PDF file attached to an email to [email protected]. One invoice per PDF file please. If supporting documentation such as freight invoices or that required for milestone payments is necessary to secure payment, please ensure that it is included behind the invoice in the same PDF file as the invoice. Mailed and faxed invoices are not accepted. Payment terms begin when Accounts Payable receives a valid invoice or when the material is received, whichever date is later.

Invoices that do not meet the following criteria are unable to be processed:

  • Quantity Unit of Measure and Unit Price must match the Purchase Order.
  • Invoices containing freight charges of $200 or more must include the freight bill from the carrier. Please include the freight bill in the same PDF file behind the invoice.
  • The ten digit Purchase Order number must be clearly identified on the invoice, if applicable.
  • Invoices must correctly reference applicable PO Line Item numbers.
  • Invoices must be submitted via PDF. Each PDF is limited to a single invoice and its corresponding backup documentation. Please ensure all documentation necessary to secure payment such as travel receipts, waivers, insurance papers are included.
  • The remit address should be identified on the invoice and must match the remit address currently on file.
  • Non-Purchase Order Invoices should identify (a) whether they are for NNS or Corporate (Huntington Ingalls Services or HIS), and (b) their NNS or HIS Point of Contact in order that the invoice be routed for approval.

Accounts Payable Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

If you need assistance with payment of an outstanding invoice, please email NNS Accounts Payable at [email protected]. Please provide the purcahse order number, invoice number and line item when inquiring about payment status. Kindly allow 48 hours for a response.

Accounts Payable Forms

Email Remittance

If you would like to receive email remittance advices, please contact [email protected] with the email address that you would like to receive the remittance along with your vendor number. Please note only one email address may be selected.

Changes to Remit Address or Banking Information

If you have a change to your remit address or banking information, please contact [email protected] so the appropriate paperwork can be completed. Please note the remit address stated on the Supplier Data Sheet must match the remit address on the invoice.