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To enhance our current business processes Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS), a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, has solicited the services of Avetta Solutions (Avetta) to assist us in managing required Certificates of Insurance (COI).

Avetta’s suite of online products allows HII-NNS to efficiently collect, audit and maintain accurate insurance records. Their roles and responsibilities will include collecting, tracking, and overall management of COI’s for suppliers doing business with NNS.

The Avetta System is utilized to help in:

  • Eliminating the current manual process and paperwork burden
  • Confirming Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management: Limits, Endorsements, Expiration, Renewals
  • Providing NNS users access to contractor/supplier information through a web base tool.

The use of the Avetta System is required as stated in Appendix A.

Registration / Pre-qualification Requirements

PHASE I: Registration

  • Register Online: Each contractor and subcontractor must register on the Avetta website at http://pages.avetta.com/Newport-News-Shipbuilding.html and select NNS. If you are already a member with Avetta, Avetta will link your company with NNS. Avetta representatives will be available to provide registration assistance by phone, at (877) 725-3022 or (800) 506-7427.

PHASE II: Pre-qualification

  • Complete the Pre-qualification Form (PQF): Once you have registered and aligned your company with NNS you may begin the qualification process by completing and submitting the PQF and Annual Update information online.
  • Upload Your Documentation: Even if you have already provided NNS with a copy of your Certificate of Insurance, please upload your current documentation on the Avetta website.
  • Respond to any Audit Questions: After submitting your required documentation online to Avetta, an Avetta representative will contact you to review your submission. Your dedicated Avetta representative will work with you to collect missing information to ensure you achieve green flag status for NNS.

PHASE III: Qualification

  • "Complete" Status: Once you have achieved Complete status, your company will be rated as compliant in Avetta Organizer.
  • Avetta can also be reached at registrations@Avetta.com

Membership Fee

For partners that are not already active in the Avetta contractor ecosystem, there may be a one-time registration fee of $299. In addition to the registration fee, there is an annual membership fee ranging from $0 to $319, based upon the number of client sites where products or services are provided. The complete fee structure is available on the Avetta website and can be reviewed during the registration phase.

Avetta's Website: https://pages.avetta.com/

For Avetta specific questions, please contact the Avetta Information Services:

If you have questions concerning HII-NNS, please email: NNSSupplierNotification@hii-nns.com