NNS Suppliers

Individual Surplus Sales Bids

Thank you for displaying an interest in purchasing surplus equipment / metals.

In order for your company to be considered for placement on our bid list, you must return all of the following information:

  1. Copy of your company’s current license to conduct business (if applicable), or state your Federal Ident. number
  2. A completed copy of Form ST-10 (VA Dealer Tax) or a letter stating that you agree to pay all Virginia state and Local taxes.

These documents may be faxed to (757) 380-3638 or emailed to [email protected].

As we dispose of large quantities of all types of equipment/metals utilized in the shipbuilding industry, we maintain an active list for major categories in which they are most interested. Prospective buyers are then placed on these lists. Each time a sale is offered, each buyer listed under the applicable category is sent (mailed, faxed, or preferably e-mailed) a formal bid solicitation.

You are requested to review the bid solicitation thoroughly. You are encouraged to call for an appointment to personally inspect the items being offered. All terms and conditions of the sale are stated on the solicitation and will be strictly adhered to.

After review of the bid solicitation, you are requested to place your bid in the appropriate column/block. Your bid must be received by the bid closing date stated on the solicitation. Bids received after the bid closing date will not be considered for the sale.

Our bid list consists of those customers who respond to our solicitations. Should you not respond, you will be removed from our bid list. Should you wish to remain on the bid list but do not want to bid on a particular solicitation, you should respond with a “NO BID” offer.

Should you have any questions or encounter a problem with the sale or the solicitation, my staff or I will always be available to assist you. We at Newport News Shipbuilding are looking forward to conducting business with your company.

Marcia Capelli, Surplus and Recycling Manager II

Newport News Shipbuilding
Attention: Surplus Sales
4101 Washington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607