NNS Suppliers

About NNS Suppliers

Businesses that supply Newport News Shipbuilding can be found in nearly every state in America. More than 2,000 active suppliers support the construction of nuclear-powered submarines, construction and mid-life overhaul of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, ship repairs, maintenance of NNS facilities and numerous other operations. NNS spends an average of $1 billion annually with its suppliers, nearly half of which are small businesses.

The complexity of the work done at NNS demands a sophisticated and diverse group of suppliers from across the United States. NNS greatly appreciates our suppliers' contributions in building and maintaining the most complex ships in the world.

***If your company (or any of your suppliers) begins to, or expects to, experience any impacts from COVID-19, please notify us as soon as possible by completing the COVID-19 Supplier Impact Reporting (SIR) Template which can be found on the COVID-19 Communications page. Please send all SIRs to [email protected]